Emissary is a new kind of social app that natively connects to the Fediverse and the IndieWeb.

Centralized social networks have continued to erode the original promise of the World Wide Web, betraying people’s trust, and amplifying extremism for the sake of ad views and “engagement.” Emissary puts individual people in control of their own relationships, their own content, and their own data feeds. No “algorithms” no “metrics” no engagement.

Built for Regular People

Emissary is made for everybody. It’s easy to jump in and customize, so you can get started without any fuss. Plus, it’s fast and efficient, works great on your mobile phone or low-power devices, and is accessible to screen readers and other adaptive input devices.

Built for Developers

Emissary is built for easy and safe customization, so there’s no more “plugin hell” of wondering which extensions are in conflict with each other. Every downloadable template is sandboxed into its own unique page, and developers use a structured, high-level language to build their own custom workflows.

Built for DevOps

Emissary is built with large-scale DevOps in mind, and designed to be easy to configure, deploy, and customize.

Project Status

Emissary is in active development right now, and is hosting a handful of small sites (including this one) under careful monitoring. It is a pre-alpha release, which means that it’s ready for developers to start exploring, but it’s not ready for general testing or a public release.

can i really change this??

There are currently over 50k lines of code, and thousands of commits in the projects the comprise this software. It’s a massive undertaking and your help could be the difference that makes it successful. If you’re interested in the Fediverse, IndieWeb, or Internet culture in general, please reach out and join up. We’re all in this together!